GoggleWorks Center for the Arts is proud to announce its third annual cup exhibition featuring drinking vessels from all over the country. This year, The Cup. is a special invitational highlighting works from artists with different points of view of what the cup means to them along with offering a variety of making processes.

This exhibition’s mission is to celebrate the diversity of the cup while providing the opportunity for GoggleWorks visitors to become owners of handmade ceramics. Proceeds from the exhibition will benefit each individual artist along with helping grow the GoggleWorks’ ceramic arts program.

Participating Artists

Kurt Anderson
Rebecca Chappell
Blair Clemo
Dani Dimon
Ruth EasterBrook
Michael Fujita
Steven Young Lee
Haakon Lenzi
Sean O’Connell
Doug Peltzman
Jacob Raeder
Derek Rosenberry
David Swenson
Brian Westrick
Gwendolyn Yoppolo