Virtual Reality has transformed the world around us, changing the way we learn, work, and even the way we create and appreciate art. VR has given artists new avenues of expression that were unimaginable just a few short years ago. It can enhance the act of viewing art, transporting users into the art studios where a painting was created, and then instantly send them into virtual environments, where those paintings become fused with magical landscapes created in VR.

For SENSORY ENGINEERING, we’ve partnered with a variety of talented traditional artists; you can appreciate their work in the real world while also viewing it through the prism of VR. Explore the studios where these works were created and move about inside virtual spaces inspired by the artwork you see hanging before you. The show grants you the ability to explore this exciting new world. Step inside and enjoy.

About GoggleWorks Virtual Reality Lab

Kris Jackson and Jason Morris have been exploring mixed realities for many years, and together have created AR/VR training applications for medical, pharmaceutical, real estate, manufacturing and restaurant industries. Additionally, they have designed a variety of AR/VR apps for companies including Mattel, A&E, the History Channel and Google. At the GoggleWorks Center For the Arts, Kris and Jason have created the region’s first ever VR lab, teaching VR painting and sculpting, 3D printing and best design practices to area students and fellow artists.