Because landscapes are so involved in human life, they lend themselves well to the discussion of personal experience. My primary philosophical influence is phenomenology, a branch of philosophy that deals with the subjectivity of experience, as our knowledge of the world comes primarily through our senses. Because sensory input is the primary means through which we can interact with the world, as we are beings in physical forms, we rely on these senses for how we interpret our experiences.

My work is an examination of the strong connection that exists between human consciousness and its surrounding environment, specifically the way in which our sensory experience of a place influences our subjective interpretation of it. I present the viewer with scenes of heightened atmosphere that are indicative of a sense of reflection and quiet attention to the elements of the world that are both physical and nonphysical, as the external world reflects the internal life of the viewer.

About Lauren Scavo-Fulk

Lauren Scavo-Fulk is a Master of Fine Arts graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in drawing. Her work has recently been exhibited at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; ArtSpace Gallery in Richmond, VA; Dacia Gallery in New York, NY; Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley, PA; Penn State Altoona; and Penn State New Kensington.