NUM3ERS is a retrospective of Dan Roberts artwork produced over the last year. His use of bright colors and various mediums, brings a sense of movement and energy that can be instantly seen by the viewer. “I want my work to attract the viewer’s eye from afar and then, once focused, to draw that person even closer as they recognize the intricacies – the lines, numbers, squiggles and subtle blends of color – involved in the makeup of the work.”

About Dan Roberts

DANZ is the artistic signature for Dan Roberts, artist, writer and graphic designer from West Reading, Pennsylvania. While Dan’s past artistic endeavors have produced impressionistic images drawn from nature, his latest works are evidence of an evolution into abstract expressionism. This has come as a result of Dan’s fascination with color, light, and movement, plus his love for experimenting with combining artistic materials, including acrylics, watercolors, pastels, colored pencil, and gold and silver leaf.