The Studio Passport allows you to access GoggleWorks’ Woodshop open studio hours during our Autumn term. Limited to students with a basic knowledge of woodworking and overseen by a monitor, instead of instructor, this “class” is a great opportunity to work at your own pace and continue your exploration in wood. *If not already GoggleWorks studio certified, a one time safety training fee of $75.00 is required at time of registration. Safety trainings are conducted in the last week of the month. New shop users should email Luke Voytas, Wood Shop Technician, at, to schedule a training for the upcoming month. Training must be completed before users can work in the shop. *Open Studio/Passport Hours are posted monthly online and in the studio.

Please find the current studio calendar here. 
Shop users should be familiar with the studio policies which can be found here.


7 available
November Woodworking Studio Passport$100.00

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One Time Safety Training$75.00

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