Heidi Sensing

Come support GoggleWorks art community Sunday 12-4 p.m. for our in-house studio crawl on the second and third floors. Meet our artists, connect with your community, and explore the creativity that flows through our campus.


Artists of the Month

Charley Farrell – Studio 317

Charley uses the conventions of figurative art to depict the unexpected and uncanny events.  Each painting presents a unique behavioral scene, an exercise in visual thinking, wrestling metaphorically with the mysteries of a complicated world.  In his most recent work, he has been experimenting with less realistic forms of depiction, departing from strict figurative realism to investigate abstract forms and colors.

Barbara Thun – Studio 310

Barbara seeks to engage the viewer’s mind beyond the image.  The message may be abstract and present more questions than knowledge. She would like her work to bring a thoughtfulness or meditative approach to the images.  Her process begins with an image, phrase, or question.  From there it moves to possibilities; in mediums, combinations of forms, color and always ‘How might it be otherwise?’.  As the work begins to take shape the problem solving becomes complex – that is the challenge and the reward.