Entre Sombras” is an exhibition that incorporates a variety of media and approaches to address a series of tragic events affecting banana plantation workers throughout Latin America, specifically on “La Matanza de las Bananeras”. The title refers to the mass killing of banana plantation workers by the Ejercito Nacional de Colombia in 1928, between
the fifth and sixth of December in the town of Cienaga, Colombia. The viewers encounter a new visual experience at the intersection of the artist’s personal narrative and an important, but obscured, historical event.

By working from historical photographs of the plantation workers and their families, Gutierrez blurs images, paints them in a grey color scale and juxtaposes them against a textured and colored background. The visual separation of the figures and the background creates a sense of timelessness, a reference to the injustices suffered by many workers throughout Latin America at different time periods.

These same images take on another role in the Fabric Paintings, they become part of an equation where different materials come together to create a new narrative. The Artist’s combines oil paint, hand embroidery, cuts pieces of printed images and sews them along fabric. Gutierrez approaches the work in an intuitive manner, where the process becomes as important as the result. Through the use of his hands, Gutierrez draws parallels between his family’s history of manual labor and the physical act of painting.

About Luis A. Gutierrez

Luis A. Gutierrez was born in Cali, Colombia in 1990. He currently resides and works in New York City. Gutierrez has exhibited his work at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, private galleries and Christie’s, New York. In 2016, Gutierrez was featured on Telemundo’s “Con Estilo TV” and selected as a semi-finalist for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. That same year Spectrum Miami Art Fair awarded him with the “Launchpad Artist Award” and a site specific installation.As an artist, Gutierrez was mentored by Mix-Media artist Alfred Razza, he also attended Broward College (2010-2014) where his works were part of many students’ exhibitions. In 2015, Florida Atlantic University and Broward College chose him to create a mural in Fort Lauderdale as part of a public art project called “This is a Canvas”.