About Georgette

“My exhibit of dreamscapes offers you a temporary escape from  the harsh realities of the world we live in…. an interlude in time. 

Fantasize with me, through my art, the unreal and the impossible.

Relax, take a break and …. dream.”

-Georgette L. Veeder


Georgette spent her early childhood travelling around Europe with her family. Eventually settling in New Jersey, she received a degree in Fine Arts Education from Montclair University. After a teaching stint, Georgette studied printmaking and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The prohibitive cost of the high-quality rag paper that was essential for printmaking prompted Georgette’s interest in learning how to make paper herself. She studied traditional papermaking techniques at paper mills in France and Italy. When she returned stateside, she began researching how to build papermaking equipment, including paper presses and papermaking screens. With her artist- husband, she made a Hollander- type beater, (which they call the “Veeder Beater”) which adapts a reel mower with a motor. By demonstrating an appreciation for the craft of traditional paper making and using repurposed rags as an ecologically friendly medium, Georgette hopes to encourage environmental consciousness and inspire new avenues for creative expression. 

Georgette’s artistic process adapts traditional methods with personalized techniques.  She makes paper from shredded rags that she beats in her “Veeder beater” until they form a pulp. Wet pulp is pressed into the molds. Sheets are made by sieving pulp through a screen, then colors are added using pigment or airbrush techniques. Later in life, she and her husband started a business making architectural ornaments, and through various jobs she learned about making  rubber molds and casting. She then applied that knowledge in making her cast paper sculptures.

Georgette’s artwork represents a fascination with the topography of landscape, full of complex lines shapes, colors and textures. She invites the viewer’s eye to enter her landscape while the staged landscapes she creates with forced perspective, often defined by human presence play with the viewer’s mind by evoking illusion and fantasy. Scale, pocket openings, and crevices evoke a sensibility of self in-space and invite the viewer to be involved. She thinks of her artwork as a call for a consciousness.

Her works have been widely exhibited in galleries and represented in many public and private collections. Recognition at the local and national level include the Pennsylvania Governor’s award and publication in the Fiber Arts Design Book 7 and  Best of American Sculpture Artist, Vol II 2010.

Georgette now lives and works on a small farm in Berks county with her artist-husband and their 4 sheep , 2 goats and 9 rescued cats.

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