Monitor: Warm Glass Studio Staff
Experience Level: some experiance needed

The Studio Passport allows you to access Flameworking open studio hours month to month during our summer term. Limited to students with a basic knowledge of glass and overseen by a monitor, instead of instructor, this “class” is a great opportunity to work at your own pace and continue your exploration in the studio.

Studio provides torches, oxygen, gas, and kiln usage. Basic Tool kits are available upon request and include: small shears, large hemostat, flat crimp, small tweezers, large tweezers and glasses. By choosing a tool kit, students agree to be responsible for the cost of replacing any damaged tools.

Please find the current studio calendar here.



9 available
August Flameworking Studio Passport$120.00Please wear closed-toe shoes, pants, natural fabrics (cotton not polyester) and tie back long hair while working in the studio.

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