What are GoggleWorks' Community Kitchens?

GoggleWorks Center for the Arts is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives through unique interactions with art. We are committed to showcasing, promoting, and sharing art, artists, and art experiences to serve and catalyze change in our community. We believe the culinary arts offer vibrant opportunities to engage those we serve.

There are two modern commercial kitchens on the massive, 145,000 sq. ft. campus. The large catering kitchen on the second floor was designed for hosting large events on-site and the production kitchen on the ground floor was designed for serving prepared meals to thousands of annual visitors. Over time, many in the community have inquired about renting the facilities to develop their respective culinary businesses. During this time of limited operations due to public health concerns, GoggleWorks leaders decided to begin booking the food production, prep, and storage facilities to culinary entrepreneurs for such purposes.

Who rents the kitchen?

GoggleWorks Community Kitchen is perfect for any culinary entrepreneur looking to design, develop, or grow their operation:

  • Caterers who need a primary or satellite venue for cooking, prep, equipment storage, and/or warming
  • Food truck operators who need a licensed non-vehicle venue, or a place to get water, ice, cook space, and storage
  • Established restaurateurs experimenting with new recipes or expanding their operations
  • Prospective restaurateurs planning to start a new business
  • Bakers who need deep ovens, lots of prep space, and a large commercial mixer
  • Culinary instructors who are hosting cooking classes (restrictions apply)
  • Community groups or organizations serving food for programs or events
  • Anyone who needs a commercial, licensed production kitchen, catering kitchen, or storage space

Why GoggleWorks?
GoggleWorks is the ideal venue for your food production and prep needs. The plans are affordable yet comprehensive, offering great flexibility and opportunities for adding on services or spaces. In addition to the details above and the full list of available equipment, GoggleWorks has the following amenities:

No Membership Requirement or Hidden Fees
Clean, Safe Environment
Unique Campus with Classes, Exhibitions, Films, Studios
Free Parking
Loading Dock Access
Freight Elevator Access
Access to Hand Carts
Dishwashing Area
Free Wi-Fi
Heat & A/C
24/7 Video Surveillance
Key Fob, Key Access
Security and Fire Alarm System
Fire Suppression System (Hood & Facilities)
Security Guards During Public Hours
Regular Hood Inspection and Cleaning
Monthly Pest Control
Cooking Oil Recycling
Garbage and Recycling Removal
Handicapped Accessible Campus

How does it work?

Renters choose one or both of two plans:

Production Kitchen

Ideal for 1 to 8 team members for food production, preparation, and dishwashing. The Production Kitchen is smaller than the Prep Kitchen, but is comprehensive, including the ventilated, inspected commercial cook space, prep room, bar area, dishwashing room, and ice/fridge room. A large front-of-house venue adjacent to the kitchen, which includes large, high top bars, stools, tables, and chairs is available for a limited time for an additional fee of $45 per hour (minimum 4 hours) or $288 per 8-hour day. Storage space is available at $100 per month per 20 sq. ft. for equipment, cookware, and nonperishable food items.

List of equipment and highlights for the Production Kitchen:

6-Burner Gas Range Stove – 28,000- BTU, Open Burner
Gas Floor Deep Fryer- 90,000 BTU
Convection Oven- 600V
Commercial Ice machine
Panini Maker model
Food slicer
Hand Sink
Commercial Bottle Washer
Commercial Dishwasher
2 Commercial Refrigerators
Commercial Freezer
Commercial Sandwich Board Refrigerator
Refrigerated Deli Case
Commercial Cooler
Three-bay Sink
4 Stainless Steel Worktables
25’ Handmade Concrete Bartop

Prep Kitchen

Ideal for 1-15 team members for light production, warming, preparation, and catering needs. The Prep Kitchen does not have a ventilation hood or as much equipment as the Production Kitchen, but it is larger and more flexible in its use. A large events venue adjacent to the kitchen is available upon inquiry. Storage space is available at $100 per month per 20 sq. ft. for equipment, cookware, and nonperishable food items.

List of equipment and highlights for the Prep Kitchen:

South Bend Oven
Commercial Freezer
Commercial Refrigerator
Three-bay Deep Sink
Hand Wash Sink
6 Stainless Steel Work Tables

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